03 April 2014

my book REVELATIONS is available!

 With a happy heart, I introduce the latest addition to the LaPalm Books family!
REVELATIONS: a continuation of Spirit is now available for sale:
In this follow-up to SPIRIT...

Ten years may have passed, but her innate ability to interact with the spiritual world continues to haunt Ellie Duncan Noble. Determined to overcome the pervasive hold it has over her life, she makes the difficult decision to suppress any and all contact, even if doing so keeps her from someone she loves.

Yet when her daughter begins to exhibit disturbing mystical powers of her own, Ellie is forced to face her private fears and acknowledge the truth about herself and her family. Her path toward personal acceptance quickly turns into one of investigation, however, as she unwittingly delves into the baffling history of her Native American heritage along the way.

With the help of her husband, his dead mother, and an unwelcome visitor from her past, Ellie learns to confront the reality that some things are not only beyond her control but full of hidden, undeniable purpose.
Writing the draft of Revelations came easily. The editing and eventual publishing have been hard. At one time, I even considered hanging it up altogether. Not only with this project but with the whole writing gig. Sometimes there are just too many other things to do. But…when it comes to something we love, we somehow find time. Enjoy.

22 March 2014

sneak a peek at my new book

My latest book, Revelations, is in the final phases of editing. Like every book that has come before, I experience a supreme sense of satisfaction from reaching this stage. Time simultaneously slows down and speeds up as I work to put finishing touches on the draft and prepare it for publishing. I love it. At times, I become giddy with the realization that I have reached another goal. I am *so* close. Just a few steps more, I tell myself. Of course, those steps are giant-size. Big hurdles must be overcome before I can actually share this story. Still, no worries. I am almost there. Even better, I have added an extended excerpt for you to enjoy.